Sunday, September 21, 2014

GeoPolitics: the Game (working title) Brainstorm

Latest brain storm: a game, board/computer variety (worker placement???), that is based in geopolitics, but uses nation-states as background "non-player" characters. The players: non-governmental agencies, mostly w/ commercial interests, such as Disney Corp. or Siemens GmbH, but others may be non-commercial such as Medicines sans Frontier or Harvard University. Each playable group will have their own abilities and ways to score victory points. Each player has a hand of cards which is their "airport" : those influential people in organizations that have significance, if not the cohesion and global reach of those that make the list of playable NGOs, that rub shoulders with your agents.
Starting map variable. Non-Variable Map Portions include: 1) a map of Earth 2) divided into cultural and historically political and linguistic regions 3) with symbols denoting certain key words and phrases that the rules can reference 4) and numerals that denote the default ratings for when such territory is not a part of a major nation-state.
Variable Map Portions: 1) Major nation-state markers 2) that denote a) major nation-state allegiance b) cover default ratings for a non-aligned state. Marker positioning would be determined by dice rolls of 1) a ten-sided die 2) and based on a) a schedule for that specific region or zone, and b) marker state of other regions within the same zone.
Ratings for nation-states and non-aligned regions may include 1) Pliability 2) Taxes 3) Military 4) Wealth.
Players Place (workers) Agents 1) on board, when influencing a non-aligned state, or 2) on a card which represents a minister in the government of one of the major nation-states. 3) Only one agent can be on a location or minister at once, a) thus multiple players may be influencing the same major nation-state, but from different aspects of its government.  b) Offices are: i) Executive, ii) Foreign Minister, iii) Military Minister, iv) Finance Minister, and v) Interior Minister.
Government Post Abilities:
1) Executive : a) Replace a minister
2) Foreign Minister: a) Vote for United Nations proposals, b)
3) Military Minister: a) Prosecute war (results dependent on nation-state, e.g. United States places military bases, while Slavic Federation assimilates territory), b) raise or lower Military rating.
4) Finance Minister: a) Raise or lower Taxes rating
5) Interior Minister: a) Raise or lower Pliability rating, b) raise or lower Wealth rating if Taxes rating is higher.
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