Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There is a lack of prospects in the current labor paradigm. There are four times the number of PhD graduates than the openings in universities for them. Law firms are contracting or at least ceased hiring, leaving young attorneys to work data entry.

As I've suggested before, this has to be demoralizing for those even "lower" on the rungs. And for those out of work, desperation must be feeling less so and more like realism.

Now would be a great time for empowered and inspiring leadership. If we could make the overtime threshold twenty hours we could employ almost everyone. Plus, those thinkers and dreamers who didn't make the cut for those positions that would challenge them would have the free time to pursue academic and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Couple this with an income tax refund that would ensure everyone earns the equivalent of twice the poverty rate, and you have the makings of a happy, productive society with a vibrant national economy. Dream with me, please?