Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Educational Game Collaboration

me: The framework. You'll have to put in the details, as I don't have a schema of your curriculum
sodijusey: talk about an untapped market
me: Ok
We'll collaborate :)
sodijusey: that's what we could do!!!!
me: triple chin!
sodijusey: we'll be RICH!
me: LOL
That sounds good :)
sodijusey: no seriously though
I've been to English teacher conventions...and you wouldn't believe the market for stuff to sell...
and games is an untapped market
if you're serious...I'd love to work on something like that
me: Yeah, we should definitely collaborate on that.
sodijusey: over time
me: I am serious
sodijusey: I am too
that would be sooooo cool
Christina could do the artwork
me: And it would be good for both public and private schools, so it would be desireable to a wide audience
Right, got to get her craftiness in there, too
sodijusey: I was thinking of some of the beautiful cards of Dixit
me: Ok, done super excited
sodijusey: :)
me: Yes, I think DiXit is a great game for your class room, get their creativity flowing
sodijusey: good thing you're so creative and smart and intelligent and motivated and driven and entrepreneurial and..
me: You could have a custom DiXit deck where the images capture particular stories
sodijusey: kissing your sexy parts
oh that would be interesting....allowing for supplemental plots
me: So, you read Mice and Men and you have immages of peopel walking along the rail road with the dry hills in the distance
sodijusey: but familiar characters
me: The rabbit
The barn with straw bed
sodijusey: a gun with blood on it
me: Right, familiar characters to the story
me: There you go
That would be great. It is both a game and a visual component to the narrative
Sent at 10:51 AM on Wednesday
sodijusey: or an author pack...with a blend of characters, settings, plot artifacts from several of the author's pieces
what if Othello and Juliet were stuck in an enchanted forest?
me: Do you think team play, where the whole room is playing the same instantiation is more popular in education circles than small clusters?
sodijusey: no...I don't think it's really doable that way
I've never seen a classroom playing one game together unless it was jeopardy or something like that
me: I mean for games in general, not just a picture card game
sodijusey: depends on the game, really
me: Right, that is a system where you need someone to arbitrate, the teacher.
Sure. But what I'm asking, as a designer, is what would the market prefer.
sodijusey: I think I would prefer traditional board game choices to be played in smaller groups
me: Are multiple clusters bad because it requires the teacher to have to explain the same thing five times and is afraid some clusters are going to break down and stop participating?
sodijusey: Though, I think something whole-class could work as well... would explain it once, model it...and then they would play
if they're all playing the same game
me: Would you as a teacher be interested in team competitions where they are competing for extra credit points?
sodijusey: on the other hand...if you had some fantasy role playing game going could involve more people right? How many can it handle?
yes...students get very competitive over games in the classroom
me: Well, if you can maintain the pace it can scale very well.
I guess bragging rights are enough, don't need to bring grade points into it.
sodijusey: maybe a game where it's the same type of game...but you have 4-5 different "plots" going...the first group to accomplish their task wins.
like mini paks within the same game
designed for simultaneous game playing but with a twist in their plots or something like that
me: Interesting. I like the idea of modules that string into a larger narrative
sodijusey: but they all have to eventually make it to the castle or something like that
me: Very cool. I've got my designer brain working overdrive
me: Too bad this is off the record, LOL
I'll have to copy this text into a document
sodijusey: I think deciding on an educational objective...a learning target would be beneficial. Then it would help us streamline the type of game...the things they will gain by playing the game...whether it's content, review, creativity, imagination, creative writing boosters, etc.
me: Yes, I was thinking the same
sodijusey: for instance, if you were designing a game for American Lit it would look very different than a generic "storytelling" game
I would want specific content