Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There are opportunities in improving efficiency currently. Since prices have increased, but not due to demand, now isn't a good time to increase production. Just as the past two to three years have been used to shake out the personnel roles, this segment is ripe for capital upgrades.

There has been talk about automating, streamlining work flow with software and processes, and alternative and reduced energy use. While some players may not feel a motivation to change the highest value is in harnessing efficiency. Those who fail to do so will be replaced by more nimble and hardy competitors.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Wanting to write and create and make some money. Sometimes it seems these things are contradictory, but I believe there is an important, but viscous vetting process.

Currently, I am designing assistant applets for underserved business needs. This is primarily a developer portfolio building excuse, but I'm presenting it as the work of a company, not somebody fooling around in their off time, so there may be monetization opportunities.

I'm still trying to get published by a game company, for which I'll be making another submission soon. I also plan to take advantage of the long tail by doing some self publishing.